The KA-BAR 1250 is a 3/4 size U.S.M.C. clip point knife made with the exact same quality, workmanship, and materials as the original full size Marine KA-BAR.

This 3/4 size KA-BAR features a stacked and polished leather handle, a pinned butt cap and double guard that are both powdered metal coated to prevent corrosion.

The knife's straight edge blade is 5 1/4" in length, and has a total overall length of 9 1/4".

This model is a full tang knife constructed of (1095) Cro-Van steel and has been flat ground to a 20 degree grind angle maintaining a hardness rating of (HRC 56-58).

Knife is made exclusively in Olean, New York, U.S.A. and proudly bears the KA-BAR brand name.

Knife comes with a quality KA-BAR leather sheath embossed with the U.S.M.C. Marine Eagle, Globe, and Anchor logo. Sheath is stitched as well as riveted to maintain extra strength and long lasting durability.

This model knife is also available with a partially serrated combo blade, see model (1252)

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Knife is made in U.S.A.
Quality Leather Sheath Embossed With The U.S.M.C. EGA Logo.
United States Marine Corps Seal
Personalize This Knife with Custom Laser Engraving.
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KA-BAR Short 3/4 Size U.S.M.C. Fighting Utility Knife with Leather Disc Handle.
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