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INHIBITOR Premium VCI Oil Blend V80
INHIBITOR Premium VCI Oil Blend V80 Prevents Corrosion and Protects Metal From Rust.
The chemical compound used in The Inhibitor System is called VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor). The VCI slowly vaporizes into an enclosed area, placing an invisible barrier over a wide variety of metal surfaces. These vapors not only provide a great barrier, but they are capable of penetrating into the smallest cracks or crevices, rendering moisture and oxygen incapable of starting the corrosion process.

The Inhibitor VCI has a proven track record of protecting a variety of metals such as Iron, Steel, Brass, Bronze, Copper and many others. Guns, Knives, Tools, Fishing Tackle, Auto, Home, Etc.
Inihibitor Combo Starter Packs
Knife Made In U.S.A.
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