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KA-BAR Cleveland Ohio #2752 Stainless Steel Japan Boot Knife & Sheath 

This black early boot knife with double edged blade was available from 1966 through 1982.
The knife measures 9 3/8 inches overall with a 4 7/8" spear point blade. 
The blade still maintains its original factory edge. Never sharpened, carried, or cleaned.
Constructed of stainless steel and plainly stamped: Ka-bar Cleveland, Ohio 2752 on front side and Stainless Japan on the reverse.
Sheath is constructed of heavy-duty black leather and has a solid boot clip.
Sheath has a snap closure retention strap for fast access and release.
Will not ship this knife to NY, MASS, CA, or Internationally.
This page remains for reference material.
KA-BAR KNIVES INC-Maker of the Traditional leather handle fixed blade Bowie knife..
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KA-BAR Cleveland Ohio 2752 Stainless Japan Boot Knife & Sheath
KA-BAR Cleveland Ohio #2752 Stainless Steel Japan Boot Knife & Sheath-Reverse View