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KA-BAR Union Cutlery Co. World War II Deep Sea Divers Knife

World War II Divers Knife Cir: 1940's was often used by U.S. forces to cut the restraining lines to underwater exploding mines often submerged and set to destroy incoming U.S. vessels.
This knife has no handle splits and comes with heavy brass sheath and original leather belt loop connection.
One side of the knife is stamped Union Cutlery Co., Olean, NY and the opposite side is stamped KA-BAR, Olean, NY as shown below.
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This page remains for reference material.
This Knife is made in the U.S.A.
World War II KA-BAR Union Cutlery Deep Sea Divers Knife and Brass Sheath
WWII Union Cutlery Co. Stamp Olean, NY
WWII KA-BAR Stamp Olean, NY