Custom Engraving
Can the engravers do custom logo images other than the sample logos displayed on the website?

Yes, the engraver has approximately 2000 Custom Logos of their own creation, as well as thousands more from Corel Clipart. 
The engraver can also utilize a Customer's Personal Logo and artist prep it for the laser at a fee - $24.00 for a "Camera Ready Black & White" image, multi colored or detailed logos will be cost estimated individually depending on the amount of artist work needed to convert the image into a logo the laser will process. 

The most common artwork preparation fees are $24.00 - $40.00 for a general logo re-work.

If possible submit an image in “line art” format which is an image normally found on a letterhead or manual cover without any shading to avoid any artwork costs.

When the KA-BAR is engraved, does it cut into the metal of the knife or just the epoxy coating?  

The Epoxy Coated knives such as the black blade Fighting Knives are best done with the Laser which only vaporizes through the epoxy coating and does not cut into the metal at all. This has the advantage of providing extreme detail for many font choices, and a variety of Logo images.
On other types metal blades such as non-coated shiny metal cannot be laser engraved, in these cases they use the Diamond Drag machine, similar to what one might see used in a jewelry store which actually etches into the metal, and it is similar to a controlled scratch system.  With the diamond drag machine, only certain fonts will work on knives and no Logos are available using this method.

Do they engrave on just fixed blade knives or can they do pocket knives also?

The engraver will laser engrave most any pocked knife listed on the engraving page but will use the Diamond Drag method with any shiny uncoated blades.

Engraving pocket knives may limit the amount of text and or logo that can be used due to the engraving space available on smaller blades.

Are there other insignia logos available for other military branches other than USMC?

Yes, the engraver has insignias for all of the main branches of the military, such as USMC, Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard as well as a wide variety of unit logos, special forces, and others too numerous to list here.  
Please feel free to inquire about any not listed.

How long would it take to get a knife engraved without additional art work, finished and shipped?

Once payment is received for your order, the normal turn-a-round time is approximately 7-10 business days within the United States.
Large quantity orders or military orders shipping to an APO / FPO address may take slightly longer.
We do not process international orders except in special cases and under certain circumstances.

Does the engraver engrave anything else besides knives?

They offer a variety of products from custom laser engraved acrylic awards and plaques, to personalized laser engraved KA-BAR Knives and military plaques, to personalized coffee mugs, with everything from company, team or military logos, to personal pictures and /or signatures of team members, family or friends, (however we only utilize the knife engraving service).

If you have any questions that was not answered above, just contact us for detailed information. 

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Do you do the engraving or is it done somewhere else?

The engraver is not employed by KA-BAR Knives Inc. or by Tomar's KA-BAR Knives. They are an experienced and professional independent service that we utilize for our customers and offer to help process the order and expedite the shipping for customers who purchase knives from us.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Do you have any kind of display case that the knives can be put in?

Yes, we offer variety of display case models that fit most all of the knives that we carry, you can view them here.

All Custom Laser Engraving is crafted here in the U.S.A. by Master engravers with over 39 years of artistry experience.
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