Frequently Asked Questions
Are these knives new?
All of the KA-BAR knives sold here are absolutely brand new!
We are continuously ordering factory fresh inventory from the KA-BAR factory in Olean New York to re-stock our product supply. These knives are sold to you exactly as they come from the factory. We will never sell a used or returned knife.

(We will eventually have special collector’s website pages in which we will offer certain new and used limited collector’s knives, but all items will be plainly marked and described as new or used.)

What kind of guarantee do these knives have?
All knives are backed by KA-BAR with a limited lifetime guarantee against defects and workmanship.
We at Tomar's KA-BAR Knives guarantee that we will supply you with only factory fresh quality KA-BAR knives and accessories that are authentic, original, and directly from the legendary KA-BAR knife company.

Do your knives come already sharpened ?
All knives are precision sharpened from the KA-BAR factory when they are made. 
The blades comes as sharp as they could possibly be and are mechanically precision sharpened to the maximum cutting edge. This will provide you long lasting edge retention, with a longer use period before re-sharpening will be required.

How do I order if I live outside the United States ?
   If you are located outside of the United States in a country that is suitable to receive these types of products, simply add your order to the shopping cart. Your totals will be automatically calculated once you go to check out and list your country. If you would like to make multiple item purchases, contact us to get a discounted international estimate on combined shipping rates.
You can also call us directly to place a credit card order.

Can we order knives custom made with our club or organization logo on them ?
   Yes, we can arrange for your club or organization to have their special logo or design custom laser engraved on the knives.
   Allot of clubs, organizations, special units, and military teams have designed their own special logo knives through us with great success. It is a fantastic way to memorialize a group, or to present a unit knife, a show piece, or as a honored commemorative.
   Your design will become your very own and will not be used or re-produced in any way for any other production other than your particular order.
   Contact us directly by email for the particulars concerning your art work or design specifications.
   We have an art work department available who can also assist you with your design.

  (With custom laser engraving you can create a show piece or heirloom for a real personalized keepsake.)

How can we tell if these are authentic KA-BAR knives ?
   We guarantee that all of our KA-BAR knives are original and authentic.
   You can verify our authorization by contacting KA-BAR Knives directly at and locating us in the "Locate A Dealer" links by zip code 12958 or use their email contact [email protected]
   You can also contact them directly at their toll-free number 1-800-282-0130 and inquire as to our reputation and dealer authorization with them.

If I buy a knife as a gift, will you ship directly to the gift receiver ?
   Yes, we ship knives to gift recipients around the world all the time.
   We will send your gift to the person of your choice with no added expense to you as long as the recipient is within the continental United States. Overseas gifts may require an additional shipping fee depending on location unless it is a military APO / FPO address.
   We will at your request, enclose a gift card indicating that the gift is from you with any additional personal message you may wish to include. We can gift wrap your gift as well for a small fee.
When making payment, in the message area of the payment page, put in the address or other information or instructions you wish to convey to us. If you have a problem using your credit card online, click here or call us directly during business hours to place a credit card order by phone.

Are you able to ship knives to the active military in the field ?
   Yes, a large percentage of our customers are active military personnel who have had knives purchased for them as gifts by friends or family, or have purchased knives directly and had them shipped to them all over the world.
   Most overseas personnel have United States APO/AE / FPO addresses, so Priority One USPS shipping rates that are listed are used with no additional charges.
   Many of the personnel presently serving have used our services to either upgrade their present knife or to purchase a particular model that they wish to have with them in the field.

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If these FAQ's did not cover the information you were seeking, please contact us with your questions below.

Please include your email address so we can respond back to your questions.
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I am having trouble paying with my credit card on line.
The most common problem normally encountered is verification of information. Your information such as name, address, and account number are registered together when the account was originated and will not be accepted if altered in any way. If the account is listed in, (example), a husband's name, a wife enters his name and account number but uses her name in the address because she wants to use the item as a gift for her husband, security will deny the payment as a protection to the account holder because the original information has been altered.
Another common problem is an actual account holder will attempt to make the payment for a gift and change the account billing address to have the gift sent directly to the gift recipient, security will automatically deny the payment and view it as a possible stolen card which is attempting to deviate the original account information in an attempt to illegally use the account. To solve this problem, enter all of the accounts original information including the original address associated with the card, then in the message area on the payment page, enter the shipping information or other instructions you may wish to convey to us. You can also call us directly with your credit card information.

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