KA-BAR KNIVES-the leader in  innovative U.S. made quality fighting utility knives
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TOMAR'S KA-BAR KNIVES is an American Company.
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KA-BAR has just released three new knives for their 2019 line up.

The 1320 All American Single Mark Fighting Utility Knife  made to the same standards and specifications that made KA-BAR the legendary knife it is today made to the same standards and specifications that made KA-BAR the legendary knife it is today. Stamped with U.S.A. and the KA-BAR brand name.

The THUNDERHORSE THROWING knife Designed by International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame member KJ Jones.

The KA-BAR TDI FLIPPER Folding knife designed by John Benner of the Tactical Defense Institute.


Starting in January we have added a section of rare and or hard to find collectors knives obtained through private collections.
Many of the knives are serial numbered, custom designed, pre-owned or in new condition.
We invite you to view the knives we have listed as well as the ones we will be continuing to post.
View them here.

November 2018-Just Released

KA-BAR / Becker 62 KEPHART Knife

KA-BAR has just released the BK-62 KEPHART which is a solid one piece designed knife featuring a 5.125" straight edge blade constructed of 1095 Cro-Van steel with a HRC hardness rating of 56-58 which has been flat ground providing a sharp cutting edge with excellent edge retention. 

The three bolt scales are made of hardwood Walnut with natural wood grain appearance providing the user a smooth and well controlled handle.

The overall length of the KEPHART is 9.688", has a blade thickness of 0.158" and a blade width of 1.25".

This knife comes with a brown leather belt loop sheath.

This knife is made exclusively in Olean, New York U.S.A. and proudly blade etched with the Becker Knife & Tool / KA-BAR brand name.

To view all of the Ethan Becker designed knives & products click here.

May 2018-Just Released

The Backpack Kaster, an American-made, lightweight fishing system designed to tag along on all your outdoor adventures.

Made from Ultramid®, the Backpack Kaster weighs 0.25 lb and has three main components.  The handle is inspired by the iconic KA-BAR® USMC Fighting/Utility Knife and has a hollow storage compartment.  The head of the Backpack Kaster is where your fishing line attaches.  A clamp is included to secure your line and lure in place when not in use.

Whether you are hiking, camping, or just driving by a good looking fishing hole.  It is great to know that you are prepared to catch your limit. 

The Backpack Kaster can be a crucial tool in a survival situation where food is essential, any stream or pond may be all that stands between you and starvation.

The overall length of the Backpack Kaster is 6.25”.  Line and lure are not included.

The Kaster is made exclusively in Olean, New York and proudly marked with the KA-BAR brand.

April 2018-Just Released


KA-BAR Knives is proud to mark 120 years in business in 2018. The iconic KA-BAR Fighting/Utility Knife is now available engraved with the 120th KA-BAR Commemorative logo.

The KA-BAR 120th Anniversary Commemorative Fighting/Utility Knife is now available in U.S. ARMY, USMC, USN models as well as the new edition Dog's Head 120th Commemorative knife. The knives have a 7” blade and measure 11.875” overall. The Commemorative Knives are made in the USA.

The engraved logo features the historical “The Union” logo from the early 1900s, a bear, and the years marking 120 years – 1898 and 2018. 

The significance of the bear is in the KA-BAR name itself. An Alaskan hunter was attacked by a Kodiak bear, but successfully defended himself using his Union Cutlery knife. The hunter was so thankful that he sent a letter describing the ordeal with “K a Bar” (Kill a Bear) as well as sending in the bear fur. The officers of Union Cutlery decided to adopt KA-BAR as a trademark in 1924.