TDI Self-Defense Products / Usages
The TDI belt carry provides concealment under the service belt so it is hardly noticeable.
Out of site but easily accessible as a back-up defense tool.
The pistol grip designed handle is easily found by the hand in emergency situations.
The TDI, designed by the Tactical Defense Institute was designed for maximum hand control.
Small TDI Knife in Service Belt Carry Use

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The last Ditch can be worn concealed under a shirt or blouse for that little extra personal self defense.
TDI Last Ditch Knife-Uses and Concealment
The Last Ditch can easily be laced into a shoe or boot.
This back up knife can be concealed almost anywhere including your Cellphone case.
The TDI Last Ditch Concealment Knife is a hand sized self defense tool.
Tactical Defense Institute
John Benner-Designer
Tactical Defense Institute
The Tactical Self-Defense Institute Provides Firearms and Physical Self-Defense Training.
 TDI Law Enforcement Concealment Self-Defense products, probably the best thought out Law Enforcement products on the market today, were designed by John Benner, founder of  the Tactical Defense Institute.

In an unsafe environment, it pays to be prepared!
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Knife is positioned close to center of body and easily accessible for quick response.
Knife can be placed on either side for both right and left handed users.
Knife has a friction release sheath allowing full access with one solid pull.
Knife is fully released and ready for defense.
Large TDI Knife on Tactical Vest Use
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