Veterans Day

What will you do............

To those who rest on this day, and let time pass you by,
Will you remember them, who they were, or where they lie?
Your rights, comforts and freedoms, have been provided for you,
By warriors of the past and the young of the new.

The buddies they lost, and the horrors they faced,
Are from where all of today's freedoms are based.
Take a couple minutes, a few moments of your day,
To remember, those who fought, for you here today.

They fight in the mud, the swamps, the snow,
No matter where told, they are willing to go.
All of their efforts are to win and survive,
But for your freedoms, they would lay down their lives.

They do not fight for the glory, nor fight for the fame,
They would not surrender, when overwhelming enemy came.
For they know in their hearts that their children must be free,
For liberty to survive, their dedication is the key.

Their strength, limbs and lives, they unselfishly gave.
What will you give in the memory of the brave?
Visit a VA hospital, decorate a grave, or say a prayer?
Will you make some time this day to show that you care ?

Will you give a donation to those, who willingly answered the call,
Will you teach the new generation about the tears of the Wall ?
Show them the Iwo Jima men who raised our flag so high,
Or take them to Arlington, to see where brave men lie ?

Generations go by and the warriors are forgotten,
People complain, life is unfair, and so utterly rotten.
No knowledge do they have, of cruel life so far away,
Where you are told how to think, behave, and to pray.

Where would we be, if the call was not met,
Under marshal law, as a dictators pet?
Where fairness has no meaning, court's held in the street,
Where you're forced to make praise, at a dictators feet.

Now what will you do on this day, with no labors to do,
Will you watch the game, maybe a drink or two?
The choices are all yours,  "that was given to you",
By the brave men and women, of the Red, White, and Blue.

Teach the young, of the sacrifices made , 
To honor those lives, that dearly paid,
You live in a country, where you are what you'll be,
But to never forget "Freedom Is "Not" Free".

From Gettysburg to Iraq, they guard while you rest,
What will you do, for our free nation's best.
Veterans Day is but one,  of the entire year,
The choices are yours, do you shed a tear?

Celebration is good, if the reasons are right,
Saluting the brave, who were willing to fight.
Teach all your children, to honor and see,
Because of the Veteran, is why they live free.

What will you do.................

                                By TOMAR'S KA-BAR KNIVES

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The brotherhood of warriors is never forgotten.
The horrors of war, realities that live on in nightmares of survivors forever.
The environment of the battlefield cannot be chosen, only endured.
Sleeping in winter trenches alongside the frozen dead.
Advancing against an enemy with little cover takes courage not all could muster.
The medical angels do everything they can but sometimes it is just not enough.
Warriors and families honor the fallen for they know that the hero they carry is one of their own.
The scars of battle are not easy to live with, they are a constant reminder.
The brotherhood, the combined sacrifices and losses is what it takes to create a victory. Freedom is never easy.
These fields are where the true heroes of war can be found.
Those with evil twisted minds who will portray a symbol of unity to corrupt & take control of all others who are not as they are.
Those who dictate and oppress their own people with violence and torture.
Cowards who will explode their terror on the innocent without warning and then hide, never having to face them.
Symbols of freedom are easily recognizable, the sacrifices made to establish and maintain such symbols is not so commonly displayed.
Although not often shown, your freedoms and rights always have had a guardian watching over them somewhere.
There are those who want to take your rights, your freedoms, and your life.
The memory of dads, brothers, sisters, and moms who gave their all never fades; they will always be missed, loved, and remembered. Freedom has a painful price.

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