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Legendary KA-BAR KNIVES INC. has a lineage for over a century in producing high quality knives since 1898. This historical knife company using age old patterns as well as new and innovative knife designs has become internationally acclaimed for their knife products, designs, and durable quality. KA-BAR has manufactured knives to suit the needs of the military, police and emergency responders, outdoor sports enthusiasts, tactical self-defense, as well as general civilian uses. The guaranteed quality of the products is what made this company world famous for over a century now.
KA-BAR #3082 K-2 Rescue and Multi Tool Kit
KA-BAR #3082 K-2 Rescue and Multi Tool Kit
Weight: 0.35                              Overall length: 8"
Blade Length: 3 1/2"                Blade Shape: HB Saw
Blade Stamp: K2/KA-BAR      Steel: 3Cr13 SS
Grind: Hollow                            HRC Rating: 55-57CR
Handle: Aluminum                    Clip: No
Made: International                 Lock: Sidelock

KA-BAR Hand Assembled Dog's Head Three Blade Stockman Pocket Knife with Rare Reclaimed American Chestnut Scales and 440C Stainless Steel Blades.
KA-BAR  #3313 Traditional Dog's Head 3-Blade Stockman
Weight: 0.20                            Overall length: 6 7/8"
Blade Length: 3"                     Lock: Slip Joint
Blade Stamp: KA-BAR           Steel: 440C SS
Serrated: No                            Handle: American Chestnut
Made: USA                              HRC: 57-59
Grind: Flat

An American made classic pocket knife made with the 
same quality and craftsmanship as years gone by.

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Production Ended-Sold
Production Ended-Sold
TOMAR'S KA-BAR KNIVES is an American Company.
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KA-BAR Besh Boga Back Off and Get Away Personal Self-Defense Stainless Steel Knife Concealment System.
KA-BAR #3030BP Besh Boga / Back Off Get Away Knife
Weight: 0.10                                        Overall length: 5 1/2"
Blade Length: 2 3/16"                        Serrated: Spine
Blade Stamp: KA-BAR/Besh            Steel: 3Cr13 SS
Grind: Chisel                                       HRC Rating: 54-56
Handle:  3Cr13 SS                               Clip: Yes
Made: International                  
Knife comes with plastic sheath, arm straps and pocket clip.

Production Ended-Sold