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Legendary KA-BAR KNIVES INC. has a lineage for over a century in producing high quality knives since 1898. This historical knife company using age old patterns as well as new and innovative knife designs has become internationally acclaimed for their knife products, designs, and durable quality. KA-BAR has manufactured knives to suit the needs of the military, police and emergency responders, outdoor sports enthusiasts, tactical self-defense, as well as general civilian uses. The guaranteed quality of the products is what made this company world famous for over a century now.
TOMAR'S KA-BAR KNIVES is an American Company.
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KA-BAR 5603 Johnson Adventure Blade "PARANGATANG" 19 5/8 Inch Machete Constructed with 1095 Cro-Van Steel.
KA-BAR 5603 Johnson Adventure Blades Parangatang Machete
Weight: 1.30                                   Overall length: 19 5/8"
Blade Length: 14 1/8"                   Blade Thickness: .188
Blade Stamp: KA-BAR "A"         Steel: 1095 Cro-Van
Edge Angle: 20                               Grind: Flat
HRC Rating: 56-58                        Scales: GFN-PA66
Made In Olean, New York U.S.A.
Knife comes with a Molle compatible tan Cordura belt loop sheath.

KA-BAR JAB Molle Compatible Tan Cordura Machete Belt Carry Sheath.
Production Ended
KA-BAR 5604 Johnson Adventure Blades "WHARNSTALKER" 440A Stainless Steel Stright Edge Fixed Blade Hunting Utility Knife with Front Cargo Pouch Sheath and Lashing Cord.
KA-BAR 5604 Johnson Adventure Wharnstalker Knife
Weight: 0.25                                   Overall length: 8"
Blade Length: 4 3/32"                   Blade Thickness: .188
Blade Stamp: KA-BAR "A"         Steel: 440A SS
Edge Angle: 20                               Grind: Hollow
HRC Rating: 55-58                        Scales: GFN-PA66
Made In Olean, New York U.S.A.
Knife comes with a Molle compatible brown nylon front cargo pouch sheath with leg lashing cord.

KA-BAR 5604S Johnson Adventure Wharnstalker Brown Nylon Front Pocket Storage Sheath with Lashing Cord.
KA-BAR #5599BP Johnson Adventure Blades-The "Piggyback"Knife
Overall length: 6"                             Weight: 0.05
Blade Length: 2 5/8"                        Serrated: No     
Blade Stamp: KA-BAR / JAB         Grind: Flat
Steel: 440A SS 
Blade Thickness: .165" / Stainless Steel
Handle:  Stainless Steel                   Made: International
Knife comes with a black plastic friction release neck sheath.

KA-BAR JAB The Piggyback with friction release Black Plastic sheath.
KA-BAR 5599BP Johnson Adventure Blades-The "Piggyback" Staight Edge Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Camping Utility Knife.